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Guide to Glass Lighting

Light is an integral element of designing any interior space, so when choosing the perfect lighting, it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many components to consider. Ensuring the glass fixture matches the style of your décor, the pattern of light and shadow created is in keeping with your desired visual impact, and the light emits sufficient illumination for visibility, task performance and mood etc...

What is glass lighting?

Glass lighting is a popular choice, incorporated within both contemporary and traditional homes. It is ideal for maximising the quantity of light distributed within a room, whilst enhancing the quality of the visual appeal. Thus providing the ultimate compliment to your interior space, whether that is classic or contemporary style.

At Jupiter Lightz, we offer an extensive range of glass pendant lights, available in an array of beautiful colours, shapes, glass patterns and styles. Our variety of diverse options will ensure you can choose the best accessory to suit your personal taste.

Glass pendants are the perfect finishing touch to any room. The use of different types of glass will reflect stunning patterns onto the surrounding surfaces, whilst also distributing a full saturation of light. This configuration of glass emits rays through the highly reflective material; mirroring, absorbing and transmitting light throughout your room, whilst diffusing the glow in all directions.

How to keep glass pendants clean

It can be very frustrating how quickly dust can travel through the air and affect the appearance of your glass pendant. It is important to regularly clean your glass pendant to keep it looking its best.
Before commencing the cleaning process, always ensure the light is turned off at the socket and wait for the bulb to completely cool before proceeding.

Carefully remove the glass shade before thoroughly rinsing with soapy water, this is a better technique than using punitive chemicals that could negatively impact the finish. Completely dry the material with a soft, non-abrasive, lint free cloth. Remove the light bulb and use a microfibre cloth to clean and polish the pendant attached to the ceiling.
Finally, reassemble your stunning light fitting, which is now as good as new!


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