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Product Dimensions
    A: 110x80x6cm / 138Wx2 / Stepless Adjustment

    B: 100x100cm / 44W / Three Color Tones

    C: 60x40x7cm / 45Wx2 / Three Color Tones

    D: 50x30x7cm / 24Wx2 / Three Color Tones

    E: 50x40x7cm / 24Wx2 / Three Color Tones

    Metal & Acrylic
Light Source
    LED Chips
Color Temperature
    Three Color Tones & Stepless Adjustment with Remote Control

LED Modern Simple 3+1+1 Lighting Package

SKU: 320969
  •    One year warranty is available for the bulbs, LED chips, driver from the manufacturer. A free exchange shall be provided.

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