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Product Dimensions
    D8.5x1cm / Hole Size: D7.5cm / 3W

    D10.5x1cm / Hole Size: D9.5cm / 4W

    D12x1cm / Hole Size: D10.5cm / 6W

    D15x1cm / Hole Size: D13.5cm / 9W

    D17x1cm / Hole Size: D15.5cm / 12W

    D19x1cm / Hole Size: D17.5cm / 15W

    D22x1cm / Hole Size: D20.5cm / 18W

    D30x1cm / Hole Size: D27.5cm / 24W
Light Source
    LED Chips
Color Temperature

LED Super-Thin Downlight

SKU: 320408
  • One year warranty is available for the bulbs, LED chips, driver from the manufacturer. A free exchange shall be provided.

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