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  1. The photos depicted here are for illustration purpose only. The actual product may differ slightly from the  photos due to different monitor calibration and lighting condition. Certain parts may differ slightly due to availability of parts at the point of manufacturing. Do note that assembly of parts may be required for some models.                                                                                                                                                          

  2. Warning : All installation should be carried out by a qualified electrician; failure which or improper installation and/or assembly may render the warranty void and null. 

Return, Refund and Replacement Policy

  1. We stand behind the products we sell. However, the following will apply in the unlikely event that not all is right with your purchase:

    • If the Product(s) are defective and/or damaged upon delivery, you may (subject to the terms of this policy) return the Product(s) which are defective/damaged and we will replace (subject to availability) the same for you, with the costs of delivery to be borne by us but subject to us approving the mode and manner of delivery beforehand. In the event that the returned Product(s) is/are no longer available, you may opt to exchange (one time only, and subject to availability) for other Product(s) of the same or a lesser price (or where you have decided to choose another Product of a higher price, then you are to make further payment amounting to the difference in prices) with the costs of the delivery to be borne by you.

    • If the Product(s) are delivered late, you may (subject to the terms of this policy) opt to receive and redeem a Singapore Dollar Twenty (SGD 20) discount coupon (redeeemable upon your next purchase) which we shall provide to you in the event of a late delivery.

    • If the Product(s) are not the same as those you ordered, you may (subject to the terms of this policy):

      • Return the Product(s) and we will replace (subject to availability) the same for you with the costs of delivery to be borne by us but subject to us approving the mode and manner of delivery beforehand;

      • Seek a hundred percent (100%) refund & return for the Product(s) which wrongly delivered and we will provide you with the hundred percent (100%) refund upon you returning the wrongly delivered Product(s) to us with the costs of the delivery to be borne by us.

    • If you change your mind, you may cancel your order within twenty-four (24) hours of placing your order, upon which we shall provide you with a eighty percent (80%) refund of your purchase within seven (7) days of your cancellation.


    • Note that some pre-requisite conditions do apply [Ref: Clause 2] before we can approve a return, refund or exchange, and not all products are eligible. Kindly read all the terms within this Return, Refund and Exchange Policy first, before deciding on an option.


  2. Pre-requisite Conditions: Kindly note that all of the following conditions must be satisfied in full before a return, refund, replacement or exchange can be allowed and effected:

    • you must fill in and submit in full our online form for a Return, Refund, Replacement or Exchange Request ( (herein called “RRRE Request”) within three (3) calendar days of the date of delivery of the Product(s) in question - we will then contact you to verify all details before approving (or otherwise) the request - you fully agree that the Company may reject the RRRE Request if it is determined that these Pre-Requisite Conditions are not fully and strictly met; further, any attempted returns, replacements or exchanges made without a prior RRRE Request will not be accepted nor processed; further, we may require proof of purchase (order invoice number and receipt) in some circumstances prior to processing the RRRE Request;

    • you are to immediately inspect the Product(s) upon delivery and no return, refund, replacement or exchange is allowed if the RRE Request is submitted beyond or after three (3) calendar days from the date of delivery;

    • Where an RRRE Request has been approved by us, then all of the following shall apply:

      • All returned Product(s) must be sent back to us using the original shipping boxes and packing materials and no others;

      • All pieces, components, parts and portions of the Product(s) in question must be returned properly packed and in its original state, including all original accessories, manuals, warranty cards, certificates of authenticity etc.;

      • All Product(s) must be in good working condition and of merchantable quality;

    • All of the following Products are not qualified nor eligible for any return, refund, replacement or exchange:

      • any Product (including any part thereof) which has been installed, tampered with, assembled, damaged (subsequent to delivery) or in any way used;

      • any Product where any piece, component, part or portion of the Product in question has (subsequent to delivery) been lost, damaged, configured, used, cracked, scratched, rendered ineffective, compromised, warped, bent, twisted and the like;

      • any Product which has been (subsequent to delivery) subject to exposure, infestation, rust, water, fluid, corrosive substance, shock, excessive vibration and the like;

      • any Product where its original shipping boxes and packing materials are missing, lost, damaged or the like.

  3. You fully agree that the Company has the right to reject any attempted return, replacement, exchange or refund deemed unfit or unreasonable or where the Product(s) have been deemed not to be in full conformance with all of the Pre-Requisite Conditions.

  4. If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us at +65 92730069 or

  5. You fully agree that the Company shall not be liable to you (nor any other third party) for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses relating to any transactions involving the Product(s) (including any indirect damages, loss of profits/revenue, consequential losses and the like).

Force Majeure

All parties shall not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement directly caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, such circumstances including severe weather conditions, events of war, earthquake, flood, outbreak of disease, famine, drought, terrorist attack or disaster (a 'Force Majeure Event').  In the event that either party claims a Force Majeure Event, it shall promptly notify the other party in writing of its reasons for the delay or stoppage and its likely duration and its performance under this Agreement shall be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues and such party will have an extension of time for performance equal to such stated duration.

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