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Some of the Dining Room Lighting Ideas

When it comes to enjoying meals at home with family or friends, the dining room is a special place for making memories.

Several things may impact a decision from the shape and size of your table to the number of lumens or watts you may need to set the right mood, especially if your space is a multi-use spot for various activities like crafting or homework. To help you illuminate things, Jupiter Lightz gathered our favorite tips and ideas for dining room lighting.

Linear Pendant

A Linear Pendant positioned perfectly over a wooden dining table is a stylish gesture that does not overwhelm this neutral space.

Crystal Chandelier

When remodeling this home, the objective for interior designer was to create a cozy space with a modern edge. To achieve the goal in the dining room, we installed a stunning crystal chandelier. Its sleek appearance has a less is more vibe that is just dressy enough for the modernist-inspired space.

Tip: Long light fixtures like this one work best centered over lengthy tabletops that seat more than six people.

Modern Branch Statement Piece

When simplicity is key, consider something like this modern branch chandelier. It's smaller than the average branch chandelier, creating something that is as artistic as it is functional.

Vintage Warehouse Lighting

Vintage warehouse lighting can give a casual dining spot a functional makeover.

Tip: Many pendants lights like these can use E27 LED bulbs.

Reference: The spruce

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