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Tips for Lighting a Children's Nursery

You’ve chosen colors, settled on the theme and even picked out the perfect crib. Your baby’s nursery has become your perfect vision!

Lighting is an important element of design, but when it comes to getting it right, most parents are left in the dark. Wondering how to best light your child's nursery? Here are the tips to help you get it right.

Avoid Harsh Lighting

A soft glow makes any room seem warm and inviting, reduces the contrast between light and dark, preventing over-stimulation and giving baby’s undeveloped eyes a much-needed rest.

When lighting the nursery, avoid halogens and exposed bulbs. These bright lights make babies uncomfortable and anxious.

Go with a Light with Dimmable Function

Used regularly as part of a bedtime routine, a dimmable light can help your baby wind down and sleep. The serene atmosphere created by dimmed lighting acts as a trigger for your little dreamer, letting his or her body know it’s time to rest. A dimmable light also allows you to slip in for the occasional sneak peak without disturbing the little one. It’s also perfect for late-night feedings and diaper changes, helping to maintain your baby’s drowsy state while you take care of business.

Create Light Layers

Instead of relying on a single overly bright ceiling lamp, use a number of lamps and fixtures to brighten the room as needed. Aim for a minimum of three points of light, such as a ceiling fixture, changing table light, and reading lamp. By keeping your choices task-centered, you’ll always have enough light right where you need it.

Make a Statement

A dramatic ceiling fixture can make a big difference to your nursery. Why not replace your standard lamp with a fun, oversized pendant or even an elegant chandelier? The nursery is a great place to establish a fun theme with a unique ceiling fixture or hanging light serving as the focal point.

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